Don’t Read This If You Have a Weak Stomach…

9 10 2009

I’ve been researching some ideas for my next youth event, Double-Dog Dare Night. I stumbled across the website “StuffChristiansLike”, which had a humorous article about how youth pastors must take a class at seminary about how to do gross food games in their youth groups.

Needless to say, I was absolutely floored by the disgusting food games people wrote about in response to this topic. Out of 155 comments, I picked the top ten most revolting games people listed. I can’t believe that these people weren’t fired for doing these games with their youth groups. I have an iron stomach (I’ve conquered all the food dares I’ve ever come across, since I was a wee lassie in grade school), but some of these made me shudder.

In case you don’t believe me, check it out yourself at this website:

I believe one contributor summed it all up best when she remarked, “I’m pretty sure 97% of youth pastors are sadists.”

Remember, I warned you.

 Top 10 Grossest Food-Related Games:

  1. Have two male youth take off their shirts and spread peanut butter under one armpit and jelly under the other. Then have two other kids come up on stage, wipe all the peanut butter and jelly off with a piece of bread, and eat the sandwich.
  2. Give one half-cup of water to a team and have the first person brush their teeth and rinse with the water. Continue passing the used water along the line, as everyone on the team rinses their teeth with the same cup of water. (Yes, they’re all using backwash to rinse their own mouths….yuck!)
  3. Drinking warm soda through a used sock. (Apparently, scores of youth leaders have done this game. One leader wrote, “We had one kid that was notorious for not changing his socks. We challenged him to this—he drank through his sock, and then put it back on his foot, and wore it for the rest of camp. What a legend!”)
  4. “Muck Wars”: a concoction of horse food, colored ramen noodles and whatever fruits and veggies are quasi-rotten in the kitchen, blended together and smashed in mouths.
  5. Float Spam slices in a tub of water. Kids have to fish them out with their bare toes and feed them to each other—using only their toes.
  6. Caramel apples that are really onions on a stick, coated in caramel.
  7. Everyone chews a different food (crackers, candy bar, pizza, etc) and spits it out into a large cup. Mix it together and choose someone to eat it in front of everyone.
  8. Hot root beer and as many bananas as a youth can eat—”guaranteed to make people puke”.
  9. Race to finish a can of Vienna Sausages covered with Redi-Whip.
  10. “Human Milk Shake”, a game in which the participants sit in a row and pass some sort of Jello-ish or yogurt-ish substance to the end of the line by swishing it around in their mouth and then spitting it into the next person’s mouth. (Some leaders suggest adding a raw egg to make it even more disgusting…)

 Honorable Mentions:

  • Put a raw egg in kids’ mouths and see who can do the most jumps with a jump rope
  • All-you-can-drink squid juice
  • Mustard-filled Twinkies
  • Bobbing for Jolly Ranchers in a bowl of flour
  • Melted mini-Snickers bars in Mountain Dew in a (clean) toilet bowl
  • Dog food eating contest—both canned and dry dog biscuits mixed together
  • See how many live goldfish you can eat in an allotted time
  • Challenge kids to eating frozen mayonnaise (which looks exactly like vanilla ice cream)



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