Revel in the Chaos

21 10 2009

Sometimes I just want to sit and revel in what I do.

Take last night, for example. I co-lead a small group of eighth grade girls with an awesome co-leader, Dawn—a rare gem who accurately interprets my many side glances at her, which range from pleading looks of helplessness to moments of total perplexity as we participate in the rollercoaster that is junior high ministry.

Last night, we met at my apartment for our Bible study. Our apartment is, oh, slightly larger than a shoebox (perhaps the size of an Uggs boot box is a more accurate description), so trapping seven teenagers and two adults inside one small room usually raises the temperature about five degrees every hour. On cold days, I’ve often wished that I could invite them all over and just set them loose—I’d never have to turn on the heat.

Of course, I’d probably end up evicted within the day.

Keep in mind that we have two puppies with sharp, gnawing teeth—so there’s really not much in our apartment that teenagers would be able to trash.

Well, I can’t honestly say that they trashed anything. But they did inhale a large pizza, an entire bag of candy corn, and chugged multiple bottles of water (which the dogs promptly destroyed as soon as they set them down on the ground. Guess who’s left picking up tiny bits of plastic and paper all night…). They picked up and fiddled with about every single thing that wasn’t bolted down (candles, DVDs, books, pillows, dishes, you name it). Then, they took turns bouncing on an exercise ball squeezed in between our two Lovesac beanbags as they all chattered loudly at once….and despite the fact that no one could hear a single thing anyone else was saying, they were happy as could be.

Occasionally, I’ll let my mind drift to worst-case scenarios, and last night’s would’ve consisted of someone choking on pizza while attempting to scarf it down while reading Bible verses aloud, someone knocking the painting off the wall and shattering all of the collectibles on our decorative ledge by bouncing too high on the exercise ball, someone tripping over feet and getting impaled by the forty-nine pens left uncapped on the floor, or a neighbor knocking on our door with a bazooka because they think a war is going on in our living room.

Insert truth here:

As much as I poke fun at my girls, I just absolutely adore them. Hands down, they’re the highlight of my week—even with their maddeningly messy, chaotic, stressed out, emotional baggage that characterizes why no one ever looks back at middle school without grimacing. 

Yes, as much as the administrative duties and heavy stresses of running a large program can run me down, I’m so thankful for these little glimpses of hope God drops into my life. Really—to watch these girls put the pieces together, connecting what they’re learning about their faith with their lives, caring for each other and sharing the nitty-gritty challenges of their lives with us, learning how to pray confidently—simply amazing. 

So, although I don’t often get the chance, last night I just reveled in it all.




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14 01 2010
Kaitlyn : ]

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