What REALLY Goes On In Mrs. Reverend’s Head

5 03 2010

I’ve always secretly wanted to be a pastor’s wife.

Why? I have no idea.

No, really–I have no idea.

Maybe it stems from the grade school crush I had on the pastor’s son. Or maybe it’s because I’ve always considered the pastoral office to be a very important, noble profession. Or maybe it’s because I come from a rich family history of Lutheran pastors (someday, I’ll dig out the records and recount that long and fascinating tale).

I was adamantly opposed to getting my MRS. degree at a Concordia–and, surprisingly, quite opposed to the pre-seminary students there.  I actually didn’t date at all my entire freshman year of college, just because I didn’t want to be sucked into that whirlpool of romance while I was concentrating on my studies and my future career. I especially didn’t want to be courted by the crazy church work guys, who saw me as the perfect counterpart to their future role in the church. (As in, “Hey, this girl is awesome and she’s willing to spend her entire life slaving away in a church already–she’s quite a catch!”)

But, God has a sense of humor…and a good memory.  I ended up marrying a pre-sem guy.

Fast-forward a few years to the present day, where I’m now working in a church as a Director of Christian Education as Tyler is attending Concordia Seminary.

Tyler preached his very first sermon this last Wednesday night. No one ever told me how nerve-wracking it would be to sit and listen to my husband preach for the first time.

I’m not sure who was more nervous, in fact. A thousand questions danced through my mind, everything from “Where should I sit? I can’t sit too close, otherwise he’ll be looking right at me–but if I sit too far in the back, people will think I’m ashamed of him!” to “What if he trips, going up the steps to the stage? Oh, no, he didn’t bring a bottle of water with him–what if his mouth suddenly goes completely dry while he’s up there and he can’t keep preaching?”

I guess I’m experiencing what it’s like to be a pastor’s wife, finally. Now, I finally know.

Tyler did just fine. In fact, he rocked his sermon. (Check out his sermon here).

I’m so proud of him—and just glad this first one is finally over.

I must admit, though, I’m a bit terrified of the stories he might pull out about me in future sermons. I wonder how many pastors’ wives live in a state of near-blackmail conditions?

Nah—those godly men wouldn’t do that.

I hope.




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