My Wake-Up Call to How Depraved We Are

1 04 2010

Posing for a picture at Disneyland with my friends on that fateful day

Yesterday, my husband laid out on the sunny porch with his sunglasses on. He angled himself backwards and closed his eyes for several minutes to enjoy the feeling of the sun on his face.

When he opened his eyes, he found our nine-month-old puppy, Tucker, craning his head up, confusedly trying to figure out what Tyler was looking at so intently in the sky. Even when Tyler laughed and told him that there was nothing there, he wasn’t convinced. He kept looking up, trying to figure it out.

This reminds me of a prank my friends and I used to pull at Disneyland all the time (hey, when you’re the owner of an annual pass and spend three nights at week at the park, you start losing interest in rides and gaining interest in torturing tourists instead).

We’d stop in the middle of a crowded section in Disneyland, and all stare at one particular point in the sky. Sometimes we’d point, and look like we were discussing that thing in the sky. Keep in mind, there was absolutely nothing there.

You wouldn’t believe how many dozens of people we could easily fool into staring at nothing for several minutes. Sometimes these other people would point at the same nothingness, convinced that they saw something.

I wonder quite often if sheep aren’t actually smarter than some of those Disneyland tourists.

Sadly, this behavior often evolves into something much more sinister. A big story that’s been circulating for the last few weeks is the fake French TV show, “Zone Xtreme”–in which contestants deliver near-fatal electric shocks to victims. Incredibly, 81% of the contestants delivered the most severe shocks, despite screams of pain from their victims (whose faces and bodies they could see!)

The show is actually an experiment, part of a documentary aimed to expose how far television will go (read the story here).

Oh, they want an answer to that? Simple: check out MTV, any time of day.

Going with that Disneyland theme, you wouldn’t believe some of the sordid things we saw happening there. One time, as I stood with some girlfriends in a large crowd, waiting to watch the fireworks, we began to get bullied by some older twenty-somethings. They started by calling us names and saying nasty things about us. When we turned around and politely but in no uncertain terms told them to cut it out, it escalated.

In vain, we tried to catch the attention of the security guards–but we were so far away in the middle of the crowd, that they didn’t even see us. We did our best to ignore them, but we ended up getting sworn at, called horrible names, and pelted in the head with chicken fingers (one of which hit a very pregnant lady next to us). I had an entire cup of ice-cold Coke poured on me.

Despite the fact that there were literally hundreds of people around us, watching this happen with wide eyes, not a single person stood up for us and told these three monsters to back down. No one helped us flag down the attention of the security guards. We were stuck in the giant crowd, unable to even escape. We silently endured their torture, miserable through the entire fireworks show, and finally turned around to find those three twenty-somethings sprinting through the crowd away from us–like the cowards they were.

That was a wake-up call for me.

If something like that could happen in front of thousands of people at the “Happiest Place on Earth”, and not a single person could bother to say, “Stop!”, then it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that 81% of people could essentially kill a fellow human being on live television. It doesn’t shock me that people laughed and enjoyed the bloody ripping apart of fellow citizens in the Coliseum, as part of the gladiator games. It doesn’t make me wonder how people complied so easily with the Nazis and Hitler’s evil agenda.

We are weak, and easily led astray.

As I think forward to Good Friday tomorrow and realize the sacrifice that Jesus made to save this world of idiotic, selfish, weak, miserable people, I do wonder.

I can’t imagine the depth of His love.

That He would want to save us. This ungrateful, uncaring, apathetic population.

Despite the fact that it’s April Fool’s Day, it’s no joke.




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