What A Weekend…

6 04 2010

Sometimes I’m just in complete awe of how much God has blessed us.

We just wrapped up our “marathon weekend” of church services: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and a total of 6 services between 3 sites on Easter Sunday. It was an amazing weekend, and hands-down some of the most meaningful, Holy Spirit-filled services I’ve ever been a part of in my life.

The Good Friday service, in particular, was incredibly moving. Between the heartwrenching drama, the beautiful dancers, the live sand art, the band and the awesome songs, and the men’s ensemble singing the Lord’s Prayer at the very back of the church in complete darkness, I think most of the congregation (including me!) were in tears most of the time.

Equally moving, though, was the way I saw God working through so many people this weekend. It was like getting a little glimpse of heaven on earth…like He allowed us to step back from our busy weaving of the tapestry of life, and see a tiny sliver of the Big Picture that we’re all contributing to.

We had over 40 youth and several leaders come to a Saturday morning prep event for the Flowering of the Cross, a Faith tradition where rough wooden crosses are transformed into head-to-toe flower bouquets before the eyes of the congregation at every Easter service. These kids and leaders gladly gave up their one “free day” of the week to cut and arrange thousands of flowers for the services the next day.

At the same time, there were musicians practicing in the Worship Center, decorators prepping the stage with flowers, lighting and sound techs running through their configurations for the services, maintenance guys cleaning every inch of the church, and plenty of staff running to and fro with their last-minute preparations.

We have so many wonderful servants here at Faith, and this weekend they were all at work. It was amazing.

We have been so blessed by these faithful people.

It’s hard for me to even comprehend how someone could’ve gone to church this weekend and not seen God’s hand in everything there. To me, even the fact that the greeters were not only willing to show up at 7:30 am (and be on their feet all morning), but also excited and friendly is a testament to the fact that the Holy Spirit is at work in people.

The flowered crosses are placed outside after the services

What a privilege it is to me to call this church my home.




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