“I’d Like You To Meet Fabio, My Squirrel Assistant…”

9 06 2010

It’s amazing to me how little things, like finding out that your friend is raising an orphaned baby squirrel and is willing to let you come over and fawn over it for an hour, can totally brighten your day.  

Such is the case with me.  

My work week this week is simply not for the faint-of-heart (or the crotchety old geezers who like to eat at Denny’s in time for the lunch special and retire for an early evening of reruns in front of the TV): five straight days and nights of working with seventh and eighth grade students at our D Camp, a special educational camp for our confirmation students.  

Yep. Over ninety kids, for five days in a row. Technically, it’s almost six days in a row, since I’ll be spending most of my day Sunday with a whole hunk of these ragamuffins. To those of you counting, those are twelve-hour days, my friends. 

I guess it’s a good thing I like my job…and these kids.  

However, simply knowing that I had a visit with my baby squirrel friend, Fabio (named by a thirteen-year-old, if you couldn’t figure that out on your own) was enough to chase the doldrums away this week.  

Despite Fabio’s unwillingness to take a bottle of puppy formula from me without dumping most of it on my arms, the fact remains that he might be the cutest little critter I’ve ever seen in my life. This tiny guy scampered all over me, snuffling away and making an almost imperceptible cooing noise. When you set him down on the ground and walked away, he followed you like a little shadow, bravely hopping through the tall grass like a bunny.  

Fabio, the cutest baby squirrel you've ever seen...


I even forgave the fact that he dumped smelly formula all over me as he stood on his hind legs to hold the bottle of milk in his front two paws.  

Pure bliss.  

If only I could keep Fabio in my desk and sneak him out to answer emails, phone calls, and pesky drop-in guests for me. He’d give new meaning to the term “office assistant”.  

I can picture it in my head, right now…  

Random Stranger Looking for Me To Do Something For Them Because They Didn’t Pay Attention To The Instructions Themselves: “Hi, I’m looking for Cassie Moore…is she here?”  

Fabio: “Chhhmmmmkkkkchhhrrrr….”  

Random Stranger: “Well, uh, I really need to talk to her about…hey, you’re adorable….”  

Fabio: “Chhhrrrrmmmmchhhrrrr….”  

Random Stranger: “You know, that’s ok. I’ll just find that document and print it out myself…I don’t need to bother Cassie with this menial task.”  

Fabio: “Mmmrrrccchhhhhkkkk….”  

Random Stranger: “You’re right, Fabio, I should leave her a note of appreciation. Thanks for the great idea!”  

Oh, if only Fabio didn’t smell so bad–I might actually be able to get away with converting my middle desk drawer into a squirrel cage…




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9 06 2010
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