Who Thought that a Creepy Clown Note on My Computer Could Brighten My Monday?

20 09 2010


Have you ever actually met someone who didn’t mind them?

Nope. Didn’t think so.

Mondays are so miserable, truthfully, that I usually dread going to bed on Sunday…just because I have to wake up and slog my way through a Monday.

And remember–I even enjoy my job. I can’t imagine how Mondays are for people who hate where they work.

However, I came into my office this morning and found my computer peppered with Post-it notes. Three of my youth had discovered my secret stash of pens and sticky notes the night before while at a youth event, and went to town on decorating my work space. It was pretty funny, actually, to come in and read them all this morning.

Here’s just a sampling of their randomness:

“Howdy Hey, Cassie A, Have a great Monday!”

“Got milk?”

“Howdy, partner!”

And, my personal favorite:

“Hey, just remember when you’re at work, I’m at SCHOOL.”

I also had a random doodle of a tree, a mouse, a concerned face with snot dripping out of an overly large nose, and three pictures of smiley faces with gigantic mustaches–among other inside jokes.

And, particularly disturbing was a picture of a clown with vampire teeth, stuck to the very middle of the screen.

Gulp. I hate clowns. And those kids know it. In fact, several have kindly offered to rent me a clown for my upcoming birthday. Which only makes me wish that I hadn’t opened my home to them–now they actually do know where I live.

Oh, the sheer and utter insanity of youth ministry. Every day, I tackle all sorts of weird jokes on Facebook, answer random silly and sometimes nonsensical texts from dozens of kids, and meet new teenagers who expect me to remember their faces, names, and random facts about themselves–even if it was just a fleeting encounter I had with them.

It’s hard to describe, but things like this must give you a little glimpse into my daily life, right?

Because–because….sometimes it’s even too indescribable for me.

Fine, too deep. It’s still Monday, after all. Mind-numbing shallowness is in order.

All things told, those rascals did make my Monday a little brighter.

Now, maybe if I can just cajole them to do this for me every week, I’ll actually start to look forward to Mondays…




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