Neighbors With a Death-Wish and Bipolar Sewers…Odd, but True.

2 02 2011

I’ve seen a lot of things in my short life.

Never have I seen grown men actually trying to sled in an icy apartment complex…as they’re being pulled around the parking lot by a giant pick-up truck.

Until tonight.

They’ve circled around the building three times now in what I can only guess is a cabin-fever induced scheme that was fueled by plentiful consumption of alcohol. For that, I’m sure  we can thank the weathermen who whipped the entire state of Missouri into a frenzy over the course of the last few days, warning us about the epic “Snowpocalypse 2011” blizzard that was headed our way today.

The entire city of St. Louis shut down, and police warned people to “not even think about traveling the roads”.

Well, maybe that’s not an exact quote–but that’s basically what the translation to the general public was.

Entire shelves of meat, bread, and milk were cleaned off at every area grocery store. Schools, universities, and businesses were closed just based on the forecast, before a single flake hit the ground. The National Guard was called in, and some parts of the state declared a state of emergency this morning as they received 10-16 inches of snow today.

As for us, down south of the city of St. Lou, we received about a half-inch of ice and a piddly few inches of ice pellets, topped off by another fine coating of ice.

Snowpocalypse 2011. Huh.

Guess the neighbors are merely trying to make this a memorable snow day–and what better way to make it memorable than roll

Is it TOO obvious if I put this out in the parking lot?

over one of their friends’ bodies with a two-ton truck?

“Hey guys, remember that crazy snowstorm in 2011, when we accidentally severed Johnny’s left arm and didn’t have the presence of mind to stop our idiocy until Timmy fell off the truck bed and slammed into the ice-covered concrete? That rocked!”

(….and this is why I could never even think about joining a sorority or fraternity…)

Speaking of seeing a lot of strange things in my life, I logged in to my blog tonight and perused the list of search terms that people have used this week to find my blog. I can’t see who exactly is searching, but I get a kick-back on all of the terms put in–for instance, “Cassie Moore” or “Christian youth leader” or “creepy clowns” are frequent terms listed on my page.

Tonight, however, someone apparently connected to my blog by using a search term that I’ve never seen before:

Bipolar sewer Cassie Moore’s blog.

Uh, what?

Let’s take another look at that search term:

Bipolar sewer Cassie Moore’s blog.

Hm….as vast and creative as my imagination is, I just can’t figure out how on earth someone managed to string those words together with my name.

I’m not even sure if I should be offended or not.

Maybe somewhere out in that big world is another Cassie Moore, who’s bipolar and lives in a sewer. Maybe she blogs about her rat friends and the scraps of waste she sneaks out of the garbage cans to eat every day. Or maybe she manages a sewing company called “Bipolar Sewer?” Perhaps she knits sweaters and caps in contrasting colors–a “bipolar” color scheme?

I should connect with this doppelgänger. Maybe she wants to go sledding with our neighbors…who are currently on lap 11 around the parking lot, in case you’re keeping track.

Here they go again…lap 12….






One response

14 02 2011
Cassie Moore

i would love to go sledding with you. the only thing i dislike is dragging the sled back up hills. im a lazy POS 🙂


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