The Curse of Having Adorable Pets.

14 07 2011

Last week, my husband and I took a quick trip up to visit my family in the Twin Cities. We packed every day full of activities, namely seeing all of the family members we haven’t seen lately. It was a wonderful, relaxing trip–a highlight of which was our jaunt to the Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin.

It’s been a family tradition of ours since I was young to enjoy this art fair, one of the nation’s largest and best. It’s held in the heart of downtown Madison, centered around the capitol’s lush lawns. My parents are avid art collectors, and have collected a plethora of unique sculptures and paintings from this fair over the years.

I’m an avid print-collector at this point.

What? Church workers don’t make a whole lotta scratch, you know.

Suffice it to say we met a lot of artists, and then disappointed them when we settled for buying a $45 print instead of the original oil painting marked $5500.

But hey–maybe someday my husband will pull a Joel Osteen and I’m forgo weekly manicures in favor of having hand-crafted art in my home.

Tyler and I noticed a strange phenomenon happening to us while we were at the art fair, however:

People were drawn to our two dogs–who were with us the whole time–like bees to honey.

Or Hagermans to artwork.

It started before we even left the parking garage. We were walking down the steps to cross the street, and a family squealed in delight and made a beeline straight to our

Tucker and Bonzer, hanging out at the park....

dogs. Our dogs are a bit shy at first–as Australian Shepherds are naturally cautious dogs–but they warmed up quickly to these strangers.

By the time we actually stepped foot in the art fair, we had stopped about seven times for people to pet the dogs.

It was then that we noticed a trend:

Every single conversation went exactly the same way:

Random Strangers: (loud squeal of delight and/or loud exclamation) “LOOK! Ohmygosh, they are SO CUTE!”

Us: (smile, knowing that they weren’t talking about us, but our dogs) “Thanks.”

Random Strangers: “What kind of dogs are they?”

Us: “They’re toy Australian Shepherds.”

Random Strangers: “Ohmygosh, can I pet them?”

Us: “Sure.”

Random Strangers: “Oooooooo……hello, puppies! You’re so cute!”

Us: (standing there awkwardly, as strangers pepper our dogs with hugs and kisses)

Random Strangers: “I’ve never seen this kind of dog before!”

Us: “Yeah, they’re a fairly rare breed. Just like the standard-sized Aussies, they just breed the smaller ones until they’re little like this.”

Random Strangers: “They are so cute.”

Us: “Thanks.”

Random Strangers: “What are they called, again?”

Us: “Toy Australian Shepherds.”

Random Strangers: “They’re cute. You know, I have a dog too. He/She’s a (insert dog breed) named (insert kitschy dog name). He/She’s a great dog.”

Us: “Oh….great.”

Random Strangers: “Yeah. I just love dogs. But yours are SO CUTE!” (resume frantic petting as dogs hop around on their back legs, enjoying the attention)

At this point, the random strangers did one of three things:

1) They thanked us and walked away, waving and staring at the dogs with a smile on their faces until we were out of sight

2) Continued to squat down, petting the dogs, telling us about how great their dog(s) are, or

3) Asked us the name of the breed again, and then asked us to describe the temperament of the dogs and how to find the breeders we purchased them from, as they’re interested in getting one themselves.

We estimate that at least 100 people stopped and had this exact conversation with us over the course of the day. It never varied, really–but it was still enjoyable to have the most popular dogs of the whole fair walking around with us.

Oh, the curse of having adorable pets.




3 responses

14 07 2011

HAHAHAHAHA. This is the story of my life with Bandit. Everyone loves him more than they love me – but I’m OK with that. 😀


18 07 2011

We were thinking of renting our dog to a bunch of college boys on the beach in March. Koby was a “chick magnet” for sure! Almost every girl ages 12 – 30 that walked past would stop and pet him or comment about him. It would have been easy cash for sure, and maybe I could have purchased a framed original or a had a mani/pedi!!


19 07 2011

Ahh I understand the curse well!
But I am so enamored with my dogs that I enjoy when people love them as much as I do–I mostly have a problem when people (who just don’t like dogs/animals) get annoyed at my little guys. Even though they are a pain in the neck sometimes you just cant stay mad 🙂


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