About Me

I’m Cassie Moore, author, speaker, Christian educator, artist, and student of culture.

My new book, Authentic Youth Ministry: Straight Talk About Working With Kids, Teens & In-Betweens, is a humorous and relatable manual for working with kids and youth. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, coach, youth leader, or volunteer, this is the book for you.223179

Check it out here.

I maintain an international youth ministry column, “Inside the Teen Mind“, and write for thESource. I’ve been a recurring guest speaker for internationally-broadcast KFUO, have partnered with Lutheran Hour Ministries as a keynote speaker & writer for their national Regional Outreach Conferences and their Men’s Network Bible studies, and have been a keynote speaker for the Ontario Circuit Youth Gathering in Canada. I also assist with non-profits for teens in St. Louis and St. Petersburg, write curriculum, and am a Gathering Planner for the 2013 & 2016 LCMS National Youth Gatherings.CassieMoore

I work as a Director of Christian Education at a Lutheran church and school, daily teaching religion and fine arts to kids.

I earned my degree in Christian Education Leadership from Concordia University in Irvine, California. I’ve worked with high school and middle school youth in Minnesota, California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and Texas over the last several years.

I grew up in Illinois and Minnesota and experienced a diverse childhood, including frequent trips to museums, body building competitions, cross-country road trips, and educational tours of maximum-security prisons. I dabbled in a little bit of everything–ballet, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and cross country running, horse-back riding, painting and sculpting classes, photography, writing courses, belly-dancing, and toothpaste-making.

I jumped into journalism with the fourth grade class newspaper at the ripe age of 9. I’ve written for and been editor for nearly a dozen different school papers through grade school, high school, and college, and earned an award for my collegiate academic research.

I also produced two large-scale papers in high school and college, The Underbeat and Raised Down–both of which had cult followings.

My blog here has twice been awarded the WordPress “Freshly Pressed” award, nominating it a top blog of over 500,000 writers.

I’m happily married to my wonderful husband, Tyler, who’s a pastor. He grew up in Florida, and toted a surf board all the way to California, where I fell in love with him as he rode his skateboard around our college campus.

I enjoy exploring new places, painting, writing, reading, learning about everything possible, wandering aimlessly in nature, eating sushi, observing culture, and talking to strangers.

We have two freakily intelligent Australian Shepherd puppies named Bonzer and Tucker,  a large collection of funky abstract art, and about one box of cereal in the pantry on any given day.

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14 responses

2 05 2010

Wonderful. I find your blogs completely refreshing & will now be an avid follower of them!


2 05 2010

Love the look and feel of your blog will return to peruse it again enjoy your writing style and you seem genuinely sweet good luck to you and Tyler in the future.


3 05 2010
Joyce B.

Cassie is all that she seems to be. She is enthusiastic, energetic, artistic, smart

and full of faith. She has made her family proud. Gram’e Joyce


3 05 2010
midge carlson

Cassie I loved to hear more from you…you are beautiful.. Old friend Midge


7 05 2010
Megan Leiter

Hi Cassie,

I am a fellow WordPress blogger and today I randomly clicked on your most recent blog post on WordPress’ “freshly pressed” blogs on their home page because of an interesting title. After reading a recent post, I loved your writing style and comedic tone and ended up reading quite a few more of your posts. I just wanted to write and say that I thought your entries about the youth you work with for Christ is truly inspiring. Thank you for all that you do to bring others to Christ and thank you for making my day a little better with your caring and funny words.

All the best,
Megan Leiter
Bloomington, Indiana


10 05 2010
Cassie Moore

Thank you so much, Megan! I can’t tell you how much that means! Thanks for the encouragement, and happy reading!



21 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !


12 10 2010

Hi Cassie,

I am a member of Atonement (Missouri Synod) Luthern Church in Glendale, Arizona. I really enjoyed viewing your website.

Oh, by the way, you are related to me. Your grandmother is my first cousin. I grew up in the same town she did.

Julie Scheer Westby


19 10 2010
car salesman

Easy to understand,I like it!


18 07 2011
the Chaplain of Pop

Enjoyed your review and sharing of your Harry Potter coming of age experience. Even though the last film marks the end of an era and childhood for many,including yourself, it is hard to go back. But you have your memories,your faith and your blog. Thanks for writing about it.


19 07 2011
victor micelnic

hi, cassie! wonderful post; and so true! I’m 43, my daughter just turned 17 and we’ve seen the movie last saturday. I’m feeling the same, but about her’s childhood, not about mine’s…

may I repost your text in my blog, with a link to the source, off course! many thanks!


4 11 2011
meg43tr44gi joe

After reading About Me Cassie Moore's Blog I decided to leave a nice comment for author. Keep up the good work, I want to read soon similar blog posts. Also your blog loads up very fast!


26 12 2011
Isabel Vosakalo

The first guy I finally agreed to go out with was intelligent, funny, and persistent probably a trait he learned from his Australian Shepherd, Max .


29 06 2012
Lisa Walters

Cassie- I am really enjoying your blog articles. Your May article was very entertaining and had me laughing because we share similar views on birds! I should warn you that in the spring we have a nursery of baby birds learning to fly. This year there was a bird in my office at least twice!

I am looking forward to having you here!


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